Education :
MA, B.Ed, L.L.B, Ph.D[Manad Upadhi]
Date Of Birth :15 July

Anup Katiyar is a wonderful poet, because of his simple, intuitive nature, people gave him PRIY nickname. He started poetry from a small village.

In Anup Katiyar's compositions, philosophies of originality and reality, their Geets and Muktak are filled with grief, liberate minds, their ghazals are poignant, sometimes raises their questions and sometimes their own answers are themselves.

Muktak, Geet, Ghazal, Anup Katiyar is a perfect hand in all the genres, specializing in writing the Geet, ghazal, Muktak. Their combination of words is wonderful, they are amazing sculptors. Youth passion, young thinking is clearly reflected in his writings. Simplifying literature and trying to connect every section of the masses with literature. An important contribution in establishing pure literature on the stage is the love of poet Anup Katiyar.

The places of higher technical institutions, medical colleges, etc. are appreciated for their specific singing styles and excellent Geet, ghazals, Muktak in the country. His untrained singing style is very liked by listeners, in spite of all myths and illusions, their compositions in the language of simple, intuitive, common colloquy are constantly fascinated by the audience.


Connected to land ---

The works of poet Anup make a realization of reality; His compositions are for every section of the society. His writing in the simple, simple spoken language of the social issues is related to the truth of life and society.

Best Composer ----

Poet ANUP PRIY compositions are also good on the criterion of fiction, along with being emotional.

Geet, Ghazals, Muktak are good at writing, their combination of words is amazing, their compositions are in simple and common language, poet Anup is a wonderful creator.

Wonderful poet ---

Poet Anup binds with his Geet and Muktak on the beloved stage, his unrivaled singing style is very liked by the audience.

They are invited to the country's renowned medical colleges, engineering colleges, universities, their ghazals make the listener happy.

The new generation is the most eminent poet, who produces in different genres on the criterion of fiction.

The Geet are committed to give Vidha on the stage.

The poet Anup Katiyar is a wonderful poet.

Skilled motivator ---

Poet anup PRIY compositions inspire the dream to make the dream come true, in the difficulties. Readers and listeners find inspiration to do some of their literature.

Functions with passion, passion and positive thinking give guidance in every area of life.

Mastery to connect with realms ---

The compositions of poet Anup are a living depiction of life and society. Compositions keeping tabs on aspects of life and aspects of society are capable of connecting readers and listeners with their realms. Because most of the compositions tell reality and truth, due to which The reader and the listener find themselves in those compositions, it appears that the balances of past and present have been kept open.

Ordinary person, extraordinary personality ---

Poet Anup Katiyar * PRIY * Ordinary, from the village's ordinary farmer family. The fragrance of the soil is in their language and compositions, Geet, ghazals, Muktak, etc. are excellent for writing.

Their Geet define life, ghazals give obsession, and Muktak makes happy. Poet Anup Katiyar * PRIY * is simple but his personality is extraordinary.

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हम मिले, मिलते रहे, पर मन
न मिल पाये कभी भी

आह से ,वाह का है सफ़र ज़िन्दगी।
ज़श्न का दर्द का है असर ज़िन्दगी।।

ज़िन्दगी की दौड़ मे बस वही आगे रहा।
जो सदा चलता रहा, जो न बैठा हारकर।

जीवन तो गतिमय है हरपल।
चलना है, चलते जाना है।।

दो होठों की बात ग़ज़ल है।
अखियों की बरसात ग़ज़ल है।।